Bryan A. Crumpler, International Concert Clarinetist

Repertoire List

Bryan A. Crumpler, Clarinet
Organized Alphabetically by Composer & Title and Grouped by Classification
Last updated April 20, 2012
Concerti / Clar. Solo:Adams, J. - Gnarly Buttons for Clarinet & Chamber Orchestra
Arban, J.B. - Le Carneval de Venice - Traditional (orig. for Trumpet & Concert Band)
Arnold, M. - Concerto No. 2 Op. 115 for Clarinet & Orchestra
Babin, V. - Hillandale Waltzes for Clarinet & Concert Band
Calandrelli, J. - Concerto for Jazz Clarinet & Orchestra/Concert Band
Castillo, M. - "Orippo" Concerto for Clarinet & Orchestra
Copland, A. - Concerto for Clarinet & Strings with Harp and Piano
Corigliano, J. - Concerto for Clarinet & Orchestra
Crussel, B. - Introduction & Variations on a Swedish Air for Clarinet & Orch
Debussy, C. - Première Rhapsodie for Clarinet & Orchestra
Finzi, G. - Concerto for Clarinet & String Orchestra
Francaix, J. - Concerto for Clarinet & Orchestra
Gotkovsky, I. - Concerto Lyrique for Clarinet & Orchestra/Concert Band
Hindemith, P. - Concerto for Clarinet in A & Orchestra
Hughes, J. - Concerto for Clarinet in A & Orchestra
Jeanjean, F. & M. - Guisganderie for Clarinet & Orchestra
Mercadante, S. - Concerto in Si Bemolle Maggiore per Clarinetto e Orch da Camera
Milhaud, D. - Concerto for Clarinet & Orchestra
Mozart, W. A. - Concerto for Clarinet & Orchestra
Nielson, C. - Concerto for Clarinet & Orchestra
Paganini, N. - Perpetuum Mobile (Perpetual Motion) for Clarinet & Orchestra/Concert Band
Ponchielli, A. - Il Convegno for Two Clarinets & Clarinet Choir (arr. Guido Six)
Rossini, G. - Introduction, Theme & Variations for Clarinet & Orchestra
Rubtsov, A. - Concerto for Clarinet & String Orchestra (orig. trans. for Oboe)
Spohr, L. - Concerto No. 1 Op. 26 for Clarinet & Orchestra
Spohr, L. - Concerto No. 2 Op. 57 for Clarinet & Orchestra
Stamitz, K. - Concerto No. 3 for Clarinet & Orchestra
Stamitz, K. - Concerto No. 10 for Clarinet & Orchestra
Stamitz, J. - Concerto for Clarinet & Orchestra
Ter Veldhuis, J. (JacobTV) - The Garden of Love, adapted for Clarinet & Boombox
Tomasi, H. - Concerto for Clarinet & Orchestra
Weber, C.M. von - Concertino in Eb maj. Op. 26 for Clarinet & Orchestra
Weber, C.M. von - Concerto No. 1 Op. 73 for Clarinet & Orchestra
Weber, C.M. von - Concerto No. 2 Op. 74 for Clarinet & Orchestra
Williams, J. - Theme from "Schindler's List" for Clarinet & Orchestra/Concert Band
Clarinet & Piano:Benjamin, A. - Le Tombeau de Ravel for Clarinet & Piano
Brahms, J. - Sonata No. 1 for Clarinet & Piano Op. 120
Brahms, J. - Sonata No. 2 for Clarinet & Piano Op. 120
Castelnuovo-Tedesco, M. - Sonata for Clarinet & Piano Op. 128
Chausson, E. - Andante et Allegro for Clarinet & Piano
De Brauwer, J. - Paradise Lost for Clarinet & Piano
Debussy, C. - La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin
Debussy, C. - Première Rhapsodie for Clarinet & Piano - VIDEO
Debussy, C. - Clair de Lune from Suite Bergamasque
Fontyn, J. - Mime II for Clarinet and Piano
Gach, J.A. - Sonata: La Vita Autunnale for Clarinet & Piano
Hindemith, P. - Sonata for Clarinet & Piano
Korsakov, R. - Flight of the Bumblebee arr. for Clarinet & Piano
Messager, A. - Solo de Concours for Clarinet & Piano
Musczynski, R. - Time Pieces for Clarinet & Piano
Paganini, N. - Perpetuum Mobile (Perpetual Motion) for Clarinet & Piano
Pavkovic, N. - The Witch Variations - Homage a M. de Falla for Clarinet & Piano
Poulenc, F. - Sonata for Clarinet & Piano
Rosenblatt, A. - Fantasy on Themes from "Carmen" for Clarinet & Piano
Saint Saëns, C. - Sonata for Clarinet & Piano
Schumann, R. - Drei Romanzen (Three Romances) for Clarinet and Piano
Schumann, R. - Fantasiestücke for Piano and Clarinet, Op. 73
Weber, C.M. von - Concertino in Eb maj. Op. 26
Weber, C.M. von - Grand Duo Concertante
Chamber Works & Non-Piano Duos:Addison, J. - Dialogues for Clarinet & Flute (or Violin)
Arma, P. - Trois Transparences (Three Transparances) for two Clarinets (Eb & A)
Bartok, B. - Contrasts for Piano, Violin, & Clarinet
Beethoven, L. - Wind Octet Op. 103
Berg, Fred Johnny - Distant Words for Clarinet, Violin, Viola & Cello
Bertouille, G. - Concertino fo Clarinet Quartet
Bozza, E. - Lucioles for Clarinet Sextet
Brahms, J. - Quintet for Clarinet in A & String Quartet
Carter, E. - Canonic Suite for Four Clarinets in Bb
Dahl, I. - Concert à Tré - Trio for Violin, Clarinet, & Cello
Desportes, Y. - Caractères for Clarinet Sextet
Dondeyne, D. - Symphonie des Clarinettes for Clarinet Sextet
Gershwin, G. - Summertime arr. for Clarinet Quartet
Kagel, M. - Phantasiestück for Flute, Piano and Ensemble
Kreutzer, F. - Trio for 2 Clarinets & Viola
Kurtag, G. - Homage à R. Sch. Op. 15/d - Trio for Viola, Clarinet, & Piano
Mackey, J. - "Damn" for Clarinet & Percussion Trio
Mascagni, P./Mazzoni - "Ave Maria" for Clarinet & Pipe Organ
Mozart, W.A. - Quintet in A Major KV 581 for Clarinet & String Quartet
Mozart, W.A. - Serenade in Bb Major "Gran Partita" KV 361 for 12 Winds & Double Bass
Milhaud, D. - La Cheminee Du Roi Renè
Pavkovic, N. - Quintet for Clarinet & Strings
Ponchielli, A. - Il Convegno - Divertimento for Two Clarinets & Piano
Poulenc, F. - Duo Sonata for Two Clarinets in Bb & A
Piston, W. - Wind Trio for Clarinet, Flute & Bassoon
Rabinovitch-Barakovski, A. - Les Trois Gunas for amp. Fl., amp. Clar., amp. Clavinova & Vibrafono+Marimba+Campanelli (1 perc.)
Schikele, P. - Monochrome III for Nine Clarinets
Schoenberg, R. - Pierrot Lunaire for Sprechstimme & Ensemble
Schubert, F. - Der Hirt auf dem Felsen (Shepherd on the Rock)
Schumann, R. - Märchenerzählungen op. 132 for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano
Surinach, C. - Ritmo Jondo for Clarinet, Trumpet & Percussion Ensemble
Tomasi, H. - Three Divertimenti for Clarinet Quartet
Zelenka, J.D. - Trio Sonata II (orig. for 2 Oboes, Bassoon & Basso Continuo)
Unaccompanied:Bach, J. S. - Chaconne orig. for Violin Solo
Bach, J. S. - Chaconne for Violin Solo (Performed on Clarinet)
Bennett, R. R. - Sonatina for Clarinet Solo
Berio, L. - Sequenza
Carter, E. - GRA
Denisov, E. - Sonata for Clarinet Solo
Donatoni, F. - Clair: Two Pieces for Clarinet Solo
Harvey, P. - Three Etudes on Themes of Gershwin
Kovacs, B. - Hommage a M. de Falla
Larsen, L. - Dancing Solo
Rachmaninov, S. - Variations from Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Op.43
Ran, S. - For An Actor for Solo Clarinet in A
Stravinsky, I. - Three Pieces
Sutermeister, H. - Cappricio for Clarinet Alone in A
Tomasi, H. - Sonatine Attique
Tower, J. - Wings

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